The Nile is Alive with Cleopatra

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The Nile is Alive with Cleopatra

The Ancient Egyptian Empire stood as one of the most enchanting and intriguing of ancient civilizations. Built upon the grand bastions of the Nile River, the empire was habituated by kings, pharaohs, and the beautiful Cleopatra. The remains of the Egyptian monuments are brought to life once again as you bet on your odds of uncovering ancient treasures.

The Cleopatra slots at MoneyGaming are considered one of the top favourites of all online casino slots. Cleopatra was considered a wild empress, and in the online gaming world, her wild symbols will double the value of your winnings. The game also provides the Cleopatra bonus which relies on the Sphinx symbol as the mystery to uncover. By triggering this bonus, you will be given 15 free spins that will automatically triple the amount of any treasures you uncover.

The Sphinx can be found scattered all over the Cleopatra slots that if discovered enough times, will present you with many different rewards. As you find more and more of the ancient Sphinx, your reward will increase in value.

The journey through the ancient Egyptian domain is brought to life by the sounds and animations that come equipped with the slots game. Cleopatra has proven to be a fan favourite game for online punters; like the ancient Egyptians, it has stood up to others who have come its way. As you unearth ancient treasures thought lost to history, you will find the journey to be an experience all in its own, and the rewards worth more than you can imagine.