UK Category B3 Machines

Category B3 Machines – UK Fruit Machines

Category B3 Machines where introduced a few years ago and they allow players to play high stakes games with the potential to win a jackpot no greater than 500 per game.

The main difference with these type of machines and normal fruit machines, apart from each game costing 1 is that they are 100% random, they do aim for a preset payout percentage but by being totally random you never know when those jackpot spins will appear, in fact it is very possible to get two jackpot spins on the trot.

Due to them being more of an intense type of gambling device you are only going to find them in strictly monitored over 18 venues, and as such anyone younger than this are not permitted to play or be near to them.

The complete categories of UK fruit machine is as follows: UK Category B3 – Stake 1 – Max Payout 500. UK Category B4 – Stake 1 – Max Payout 250. UK Category C – Stake 50p – Max Payout 35. UK Category D – Stake 10p – Max Payout 5.

The game selection on this type of machine has began to evolve, and many now have the bonus features you get on online slot games, such as free-spins or pick ’em type bonus rounds.

Be warned though due to them being 1 a play you can spend a fair old fortune trying to chase the jackpot, so if you do manage a sizeable win then hit the collect button and do a runner, for as sure as night follows days it will gobble it all back very quickly.

Many bookmakers now have a selection of these machines, but they are found in their fixed odds betting terminals, along with the roulette games, keep your eyes out for them when you are in the games menu.

This allows for them to set adjustable price per spins, so instead of being forced to play 1 per spin in other places if you play in your local bookies shop then you will be able to play them for 20p, 50p or 1 per spin. When playing for lower stakes however the jackpots are the same, or sometimes lower so make sure you check the paytable so you never miss out on a good win.

The only benefit you get from playing this type of machine is that as they are legally random gone have the days of playing a machine in pump and dump mode, as you cannot force the jackpot on this type of slot.

Have a good look around out fruit machines site is packed with all the information you will ever need to improve your play and get the maximum value when playing fruities either online or offline.