The Gee Gees

The Gee Gees – Fruit Machine


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The Gee Gees – Features Explained

Do the Hustle – Hit this feature and you are guaranteed a reel win.

Night Diva – You will try to get the reels to stop on a winning combination.

You Win Again – This is played on the payout table trail which has ten levels, simply click to stop the trail to win that prize.

The Repeater – This lets you win the previous win again and again.

Hot to Trot – Another stop and win feature, click to reveal the prize.

Money Money Money – This lets you stop the trail and reveal a multiplier amount.

Le Freak – During this game the reels will step around you must quickly stop them on a winning combination.

Reel Like Dancing – During this game the reel symbols will flash randomly you simply need to click to stop the lights, whichever symbol is chosen will result in a win of those symbols spinning in.

Prancing Yeah – This is a pick and win game, which results in a win depending on your choice.

Hot Stuff Hot Stuff – This is a win series of games that will play out, each one is a guaranteed winning spin.

The Gee Gees – This is the jackpot game that will award the top prize once hit.